Pet Portraits
8” x 10” • 500.00
11” x 14” • 700.00

• Colored pencil on archival-quality paper
• Drawn from your favorite photographs (please provide 2-3, if possible)
• Turnaround time varies, but is typically 10-12 weeks (I will confirm timing when we discuss your project)
• Detailed background available for extra fee
• 25% added for each extra subject
• 50% deposit required
“Heather is a gifted artist. We were thrilled with the portrait of my son’s dog, Phoebe, and our son was so impressed he cried! Pets are part of our family, and her work immortalizes them beautifully. Her work is impeccable.”
– Kathy N.
“I’ve been a fan of Heather’s work for years and after hiring her to create portraits of my two dogs and a commission of a bison for my home, my praise of her work increased tenfold. The bison, especially, has become a talking point for all my guests and a pride piece in my home. She’s simply incredible and impeccable and impressive.”
– Henry B.
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